Total Medals Earned: 99 (From 22 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,950 Points

>be me

be dreaming Unlocked 12/24/17
5 Points
thank god the dog was just a dream
be atomized 5 Points all according to plan
be bloodninja 5 Points ED is a serious issue
be dog 5 Points you really like dogs, don't you?
be eminem 5 Points just talk to the girl already, jesus
be spaghetti 5 Points split your head in gamestop
be suave 5 Points woo the gamestop girl
be treats 5 Points a nice guy tries to give a gift...
be inspected 10 Points who eats in the middle of class?
be not poop 10 Points ew, you wiped it on your clothes?
be philanthropic 10 Points get your fannypack back from the dog
be prepared 10 Points get outta gamestop without issues
be rudolph 10 Points fuck yeah, cheetos

Medals Earned: 1/13 (5/90 points)


Shelter Unlocked 10/29/20
5 Points
Build the Hut.
Apples 5 Points Add an Orchard to the Farm.
Building My Way 5 Points Build a structure with a Blueprint.
Heavy Lifter 5 Points Get the Backpack.
Infinite Space 5 Points Build the Storehouse.
Instant Meat 5 Points Defeat a Boar.
Metallurgy 5 Points Build the Smelter.
Sharecropping 5 Points Build the Farm.
A Good Trade 10 Points Build the Market.
Bon Appetit 10 Points Build the Kitchen.
Crafting Time 10 Points Build the Workshop.
Power Up 10 Points Build the Power Plant.
Wyrmslayer 10 Points Defeat a Wyrm.
Charging Up 25 Points Catch an Electric Eel.
Distant Shores 25 Points Build the Dock.
Experiments 25 Points Build the Laboratory.
Forging Ahead 25 Points Activate the Forge.
Get Wyrm 25 Points Now what do I do with it?
Going Up? 25 Points Build the Elevator.
Heavier Lifter 25 Points Buy a Super Pack.
Industrialize 25 Points Build the Factory.
Infinite Blood 25 Points Build the Wyrm Pen.
Milking Pigs 25 Points Add a Pen to the Farm.
Mmm, Cheese 25 Points Cook a Pizza.
Rockslayer 25 Points Defeat a Golem.
Shiny 25 Points Mine a Diamond.
Shocking 25 Points Defeat a Diode Wolf.
Synthetic Steak 25 Points Activate the Synthesizer.
The Full Story 25 Points Read all the Logs.
Whomp 25 Points Chop down a Purple Tree.
Cyborgification 50 Points Install a full set of Cyborg gear.
Dragon Master 50 Points Obtain a full set of dragon equipment.
Dragon Tamer 50 Points Fly on a Dragon.
Elementary 50 Points Capture a spirit of every element.
Hatchling 50 Points Hatch a Dragon from a Cocoon.
Justice 50 Points Solve the Bandit problem.
Powering Up 50 Points Upgrade your character with 500 or more Skill Points.
Queenslayer 50 Points Defeat the Wyrm Queen.
Setting Sail 50 Points Build a Boat.
Face the Enemy 100 Points Defeat the Old One.
Human Testing 100 Points Successfully Confront the Mirrows.
Statue Smasher 100 Points Defeat the Golemech.
Rewind Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Techno Mage Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Taurus Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/45 (5/1,440 points)

Basically The Last of Us Part II (The Last of Us Part II Parody)

Beat The Game (Fart Mode) Unlocked 8/7/20
25 Points
Beat The Game (Fart Mode)
Good Taste In Music Unlocked 8/7/20
25 Points
Don't skip the intro horse ride
Guitar Hero Unlocked 8/7/20
25 Points
Play the guitar
PWNED #1 Unlocked 8/7/20
25 Points
PWN during the snowball fight
PWNED #2 Unlocked 8/7/20
25 Points
Get PWNED during the snowball fight
WOAH! SPOILER!!! Unlocked 8/7/20
100 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Beat The Game (Normal Mode) 25 Points Beat The Game (Normal Mode)

Medals Earned: 6/7 (225/250 points)

Binding of Isaac DEMO

Secret room Unlocked 11/24/17
50 Points
find it
Basement 10 Points kill the first boss
Master of Sins 25 Points find and kill a miniboss
Money well spent 25 Points buy somethign in the shop
Cave 50 Points Kill the second boss

Medals Earned: 1/5 (50/160 points)

Deadswitch 3

Killer I Unlocked 11/1/20
5 Points
Get 10 kills in Ranked mode
Marksman I 5 Points Get 10 headshots in Ranked mode
First Blood 10 Points Get the first kill in Ranked mode
Killer II 10 Points Get 100 kills in Ranked mode
Marksman II 10 Points Get 50 headshots in Ranked mode
Streaker 10 Points Earn a killstreak in Ranked mode
Terrorist Survivor 25 Points Survive wave 5 in Terrorist Survival
Undead Survivor 25 Points Survive wave 5 in Undead Survival
Chaos Survivor 50 Points Survive wave 5 in Chaos Survival
Killer III 50 Points Get 500 kills in Ranked mode
Marksman III 50 Points Get 100 headshots in Ranked mode
Royalty 100 Points Prestige in Ranked mode

Medals Earned: 1/12 (5/350 points)

Don't Escape 3

Spaced Unlocked 12/6/17
5 Points
That's an easy way out.
Escape Pod Unlocked 12/6/17
10 Points
Escape the UEFS Horizon.
Decontamination Unlocked 12/6/17
25 Points
Clear the Horizon's contamination level to 0%.
The Truth Unlocked 12/6/17
25 Points
Learn the truth behind Horizon's murders.
Lost In Space Unlocked 12/6/17
50 Points
Make sure no one finds out anything about the UEFS Horizon incident... ever.
Hull Breach 25 Points Make sure that the rescue ship survives after learning of the Horizon's fate.

Medals Earned: 5/6 (115/140 points)

Drop Cannon

Detroit is Saved Unlocked 2/15/21
5 Points
Complete level five.
Denver is Saved 10 Points Completel level ten.
America is Saved 25 Points Complete the game.
Perfect 1 25 Points Get a perfect loadout in one level between 2-5.
Perfect 2 25 Points Get a perfect loadout in one level between 6-10.
Perfect 3 50 Points Get a perfect loadout in one level between 11-15.
Perfect Game 100 Points Get a perfect loadout in every level.

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/240 points)

Hockey Dad

Bon Appetit Unlocked 1/9/18
5 Points
Have liquid poured on you
No Resting Unlocked 1/9/18
5 Points
Smash a chair on the opponents head
Loser Unlocked 1/9/18
10 Points
Suck up the pride and lose the fight
Big Man Unlocked 1/9/18
25 Points
Show your opponent who's boss
Dead Poker Unlocked 1/9/18
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 5/5 (95/95 points)

Lab of the Dead

Default Of The Dead Unlocked 9/28/13
5 Points
Discover 5 neutral reactions.
That's No Gimmick Unlocked 9/28/13
5 Points
Use 1 appropriate item.
I Make Things Happen Unlocked 9/28/13
10 Points
Do a total of 50 actions.
Bloated Equals Happy Unlocked 9/28/13
25 Points
Feed 20 pounds of food to your specimen.
Getting To Know You Unlocked 9/28/13
25 Points
Fully research 1 specimen.
We Must Amputate! Unlocked 9/28/13
25 Points
Cut 1 limb from your specimen.
Wigglin' Time! Unlocked 9/28/13
25 Points
Cut 4 limbs from your specimen.
Expiration Date Reached 5 Points Terminate 5 specimens.
Animal Cruelty 25 Points Kill 10 animals with your research.
Bad Behavior 25 Points Discover 5 aggressive reactions.
I Know What You Like 25 Points Use 1 preferred item.
Know How To Use It 25 Points Fully research 10 items.
Taking It Easy 25 Points Discover 5 passive reactions.
A True Scientist 50 Points Research all the techniques at least once.
J-J-J-Jaw Breaker! 50 Points Find all the ways to rip the specimen's jaw off.
Labor Intensive 50 Points Do a total of 1000 actions.
Laid Back 50 Points Discover 40 passive reactions.
Master Chef 50 Points Try all the food items.
Star Pupil 50 Points Discover 5 advanced reactions.
Temper Tantrum 50 Points Discover 40 aggressive reactions.
This And That 50 Points Try all the objects.
Weapons Expert 50 Points Try all the weapons.
Bub Would Be Proud 100 Points Discover 30 advanced reactions.
Dr. Frankenstein 100 Points Reach 100% on your total completion statistic.
Methodical Deconstruction 100 Points Find all the ways to kill or incapacitate the specimen.

Medals Earned: 7/25 (120/1,000 points)


Robin Hood Unlocked 12/24/17
5 Points
Get bounced up by the robin
White Christmas Unlocked 12/24/17
5 Points
Collect the white present
Black is the new white Unlocked 12/24/17
10 Points
Collect the black present
Evidence Unlocked 12/24/17
10 Points
Submit your score
I can see my house from here Unlocked 12/24/17
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Storker Unlocked 12/24/17
10 Points
Be dragged by the stork
Absolutely Stocking Unlocked 12/24/17
50 Points
Collect the stocking
Mo Farah Unlocked 12/24/17
50 Points
Play three runs
Usain Bolt Unlocked 12/24/17
50 Points
Reach 5000m with a single elf
Fan 10 Points Become a fan
Mass Collector 50 Points Collect 250 presents in a run
Worse than a turd Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 9/12 (200/270 points)